At 9:00 a.m on Monday, October 24th, youth and students will gather at the University of Ottawa. After a brief rally, we will march, calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to reject the Kinder Morgan pipeline and keep fossil fuels in the ground.

As young people, what some call millennials, we will inherit the success or failure of this government to address climate change. That’s why, dressed in our back to school best, we will commit a mass act of civil disobedience to teach Prime Minister Trudeau a lesson in Climate 101: that climate leaders don’t build pipelines.

Flowing like water over, through and around the places where decisions about our future are being made:

We will go over, like a waterfall: We will cross fences and barricades

We will pass through, like a river: We will pass through doors, entrances and, if necessary, police lines, being careful to maintain nonviolent discipline.

We will surround, like an ocean: We will stop business as usual by surrounding and blockading.

We will be non-violent, peaceful and resolved in all of our action.

*Note, if you want to participate but are unable to risk arrest, there will be a time when the action splits into those participating in the civil disobedience, and those supporting but not risking arrest.