Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s the plan exactly and how long will I need to be in Ottawa for?

The plan is to bring together a powerful student-led escalated action in Ottawa, ON to stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline and keep fossil fuels in the ground on October 24th, 2016.

To participate in the action you will need to plan to be in Ottawa for at least two days — with the unlikely possibility of a third.

First, all participants will be required to join a non-violent direct action training, which will be held on Sunday, October 23rd.  At the training we will discuss the plan for the action, practice key elements of the event, and go through all the legal and logistical issues involved with the action. Everyone who wishes to participate in civil disobedience on the 24th must attend the training on the 23rd.

What are the legal issues involved with this action, and what support is provided?

We absolutely cannot guarantee anything in the legal process but there is a long tradition of civil disobedience and similar actions in Ottawa, with fairly consistent responses. If you intend to participate in the action, you must attend a training and an action briefing before the action. Trainings will include a legal briefing about what to be prepared for and expect.

All action participants need to be responsible for their own safety and well-being (while being accountable to the broader group and the Action Guidelines). We will provide basic legal support and advice to participants, but we cannot guarantee any other support beyond that.
People with extensive past records of civil disobedience, criminal records or unusual circumstances (citizenship or immigration issues, or have outstanding warrants) your situation could be handled very differently. We encourage people in these situations to consult a lawyer, and recognize that your situation could be very complicated for yourself, and the rest of the action. We are not encouraging minors to participate.

Can you help me find a ride and housing in Ottawa?

We’re working on it! There will be buses from some location, rideshares from others and we are working to arrange collective housing. More information coming soon.

Can you help pay for my travel and any potential legal costs?

We are able to provide some support for bus rides. More information coming soon.  

We do hope to support frontline communities and other allies who might not otherwise have the means to attend. More information coming soon.

What should I bring/wear?

Be ready to spend a full day outside in potentially inclement weather (October in Ottawa can be warm, cold, sunny or rainy). Wear shoes you can march in and bring water and snacks. We will have an art space and other materials. To fit with the theme of the action, we’re asking folks to dress like you’re headed back to school, if you’re coming with a group from your campus, think about wearing sweaters from the school.  

Why civil disobedience?

This December, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will make a crucial decision to approve or reject the Kinder Morgan tar sands pipeline. If he approves it, Canada won’t be able to meet our global climate obligations, and this government will break its promise to respect Indigenous Rights. As young people, we think it’s crucial that our voices are heard loud and clear on this issue, and so we are willing to risk arrest to make that happen. We recommend watching the film ‘Disobedience’ if you are interested in learning more about the history of civil disobedience in influencing social change. 

Can I attend if I don’t want to participate in the civil disobedience?

Yes. We can’t confirm how the action will unfold but as in every direct action there will be support roles that can be filled by folks coming to Ottawa for this action. The training will include a full legal briefing so people can make an informed choice about risking arrest. 

Can I participate if I’m a minor?

For the arrestable part of the action, we cannot allow anyone under the age of 18 to participate. While we do appreciate any and all attendees, this action relies on civil disobedience to be effective.

What if I’m not a young person?

While the action is being led and organized by young people, anyone willing to participate is welcome to join and support. You can sign up to support the action here.